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Clarity Vibes✨🌊Clear Quartz w/ Apatite, Blue Kyanite & Larimar

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ALL jewelry orders come with a complimentary Cleansing Kit:

  • Includes Palo Santo Stick
  • Mini Selenite Wand for Crystal Charging
  • Jewelry Cleaning Wipe. 


Clear Quartz: Easy to Program with Your Intentions, Amplifies the Energy of Other Stones, Magnifies/Amplifies Your Thoughts and Intentions, Helps with Concentration,  Clears Energy By Absorbing It ( make sure to keep it clear with your included Selenite Wand by resting it on it when you aren't wearing it)


Apatite: Intuition Enhancer, Helps to Provide Clarity to Thoughts or Help Make Difficult Decisions,  Assists with Focus, Great for Communication and Speaking Your Truth


Blue Kyanite: Assists with Expression and Communication, Assists with Confronting Fears and Self Sabotaging Behaviors, Helps to Clear the Chakras, Helps to Facilitate Clearer Thinking 


Larimar: Calming, Meditative, Throat Chakra Stone, Helps Provide Balance, Soothing, Helps Release Harmful Bonds or Attachments