Fairy Thug Therapy

Gorgeous Geometric Fluorite Chain

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Gorgeous Geometric Shaped Chunk Fluorite on Long Chain

ALL jewelry orders come with a complimentary Cleansing Kit:


Includes: Palo Santo Stick, Mini Selenite Wand for Crystal Charging, Jewelry Cleaning Wipe.  


Rainbow Fluorite: Assists with Expression and Communication, Assists with Confronting Fears and Self Sabotaging Behaviors

Helps Connect to INTUITION and third eye Chakra, Helps to Facilitate Clearer Thinking, Helps with Learning New Things, brings in water elements of flow and easy movement through change

Helps with focus, Helps assist in vision quests, Enhances protection, Supports you while you work to reduce your stress

Transforms negative energy into positive energy Helps you to maintain balance in your energy body

Strengthens your intuition & encourages accurate psychic readings, Improves mental clarity and concentration

Promotes self-confidence, Shows the truth in any situation, Aids in promoting objectivity and fair judgment, Stimulates the intellect