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Copper Crystal Heart Cuban💞💎✨️

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Copper Crystal Heart Cuban💞💎✨️


 ALL jewelry orders come with a complimentary Cleansing Kit:

Includes Palo Santo SticK

Mini Selenite Wand for Crystal Charging

Jewelry Cleaning Wipe. 


One of A Kind 

Details 🔥 

Crystals all the way through:💎 


❄️Apophyllite Point: Harmony, Calming, Meditative, Soothing, Clarity, Self Awareness, Hopeful and Ecouraging, Patient, Healthy Loving, Gentle, Empathetic, High Vibrational, Attracting Light Energy, Crown Chakra 

💕🌹Rose Quartz: Patient, Calming, Heart Chakra Stone, Good for Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Unconditional Self Love, Positive Self Acceptance, Passionate, Helps with Anger and Anxiety

💚✨️Peridot: Heart Chakra Stone, Prosperity, Open to Opportunity, Associated with Encouraging Good Health, Helps Relieve Stress, Protective, Stress Relief, Aids in Combating Anger, Renewal, Creativity 

🌸💕Rhodonite: Healing Emotional Wounds, Caring, Compassionate, Unconditional Love, Patient, Helping to Dissolve and Address Trauma, Nurturing, Heart Chakra Stone

🧊Clear Quartz: Easy to Program with Your Intentions, Amplifies the Energy of Other Stones, Magnifies/Amplifies Your Thoughts and Intentions, Helps with Concentration, Clears Energy By Absorbing It

Aura Quartz 

❤️⚡️Mookaite: Grounding, Protection, Root and Solar Plexus, Energizing, Restorative, Helps During Times of Change, Revitalizing, Mood Boosting, Helps Combat Laziness or Sluggishness, Will Power, Optimistic 

🔥Carnelian: Courage, Vitality, Helps Encourage Creativity, Self Esteem, Confidence, Grounding, Motivating, Stimulates Sensuality and Power, Success in Business 

🌚✨️Moonstone: Nurturing, Divine Feminine, Soft, Patient, Unselfishness, Humanitarian, Hopeful, Helps Provide Spiritual insight and Deeper Intuitive Connection, New Beginnings, Helps Soothe Emotional Instability and Stress, Calming

🍀Aventurine: Heart Chakra Stone, Leadership, Luck, Growth and Prosperity, Positivity, Decision Making, Encouragement